Atom-BobAtom Bob was one of the fifty some people present on a cable car that was struck with a burst of energy from The Entity on The Moon, which imbued all of the passengers with superpowers. Bob Hardin was on the cable car with his friend who later came to use the Grenade. They both joined the group of ultras known as The Strangers. Atom Bob was arguably one of the most powerful members but his control over his power was tenuous at best which later drove him to become the villain known as Pilgrim.


GhoulGhoul is very hard to kill, since he is essentially already dead. Only the total disintegration of his body can permanently kill him. His limbs, if torn off, can be reattached or, in time, grow back. He does not feel pain and is immune to disease, poison, and radiation. Ghoul can communicate with the spirits of the deceased, even those who have been dead for tens of thousands of years. He can, in some cases, also sense a person's imminent death.


HardcaseIncredibly strong, Hardcase is able to throw a car over 50 yards with little effort. His legs muscles allow him to leap nearly a mile. Nearly invulnerable to damage and changes in temperature, only extreme temperatures affect him. When he is hurt, Hardcase can heal quickly, though the process is sped up if he drinks seawater. His senses are enhanced, allowing him to hear and see over long distances.


MantraAn eternal warrior named Lukasz was reincarnated, to his shock, into the body of a woman, Eden Blake. In addition to being forced to deal with life as a woman, Lukasz also faces the particular challenges of Eden's life — in particular, her two children and her ex-husband. For the first time, Lukasz confronts the fact that for 1500 years he had been destroying families by stealing men's bodies and forcing them to walk away from their lives. He fell in love with her soul, which still existed within him.


NightmanJohnny Domino gained his powers from piece of shrapnel that embedded itself in his head after his car was struck by a cable car that had been hit by a burst of energy known as a "jumpstart", while not unconditionally telepathic, could hear evil thoughts, could see in the dark and did not require sleep. His costume and equipment were merely makeshift items from hardware stores and the like, plus a kevlar vest his father lent him.


PrimePrimePrime is really a thirteen year-old boy named Kevin Green with the power to transform into a super-powered adult. In this sense, he is much like the Golden Age Captain Marvel. Like the Modern Age version of Captain Marvel, Kevin retains the thoughts, memories and consciousness of his thirteen year-old self as Prime. This is a chief source of conflict for the character as he is frequently placed in adult situations and circumstances he may not be mature enough to deal with.


PrototypeJimmy Ruiz was hired by a company called Ultra-Tech as a corporate spokesman/mascot named Prototype. He had devices surgically implanted in his body that enabled him to cybernetically control a suit of powered armor which enabled him to fly, fire blasts of concussive energy, and which greatly amplified his strength. Ultra-Tech had discovered that Jimmy was an Ultra that could supply his own energy, reducing the size of the powered suit. As Prototype, Jimmy Ruiz became a member of Ultraforce, helping defeat Atalon.


SolitaireSolitaire's secret identity is Nicholas Lone, son of Antone Lone, L.A.'s major crime lord within the Ultraverse. This was, in fact, the main driving force of the plot of the series, as Solitaire's superpowers were given to him by his father after Nicholas tried to kill himself by driving a sports car off a California cliff side. This suicidal desire was fueled by the realization that his life had become an empty shell due to the secrets he kept, knowing his father's true nature. Anton Lone then had his son's body installed with nanomachines capable of rebuilding his body. Waking up and realizing he could not die, Nicholas Lone swore to use the wealth given to him by his father to end the atrocities his father caused.


TopazTopaz, one of the three queens of Gwendor, was teleported to Earth and went on a rampage until being recruited as a member of Ultraforce by Contrary. She can turn her skin to metal and has the powers of flight super strength. In addition to this she wields an energy staff which can powerful blasts. Her world has only women so she doesn't trust any man.