Blender Tutorial Introduction

Traditionally 3d Studio Max was necessary to create meshes for Freedom Force, but as time has gone on the current versions of 3ds Max haven't supported Freedom Force well and NifTools has taken up the task of creating export scripts for various 3d modeling programs. We're going to be learning how to modify meshes in Blender for use in Freedom Force. Blender in this case will be used as a supplement to NifSkope. If you aren't familiar with NifSkope then you might want to take a loot at it first. GMax is another option for aspiring meshers. I tried using it for the same purpose but I ended up breaking the 'Skin Instance' and with it the animations.

Important notes on problems that may arise

The biggest problem you will run into is the breaking of the 'Skin Instance' thus keeping the mesh from animating. GMax, as mentioned above, seems to break this is you try and move vertexes around. Blender is much more forgiving and lets you do a lot more before breaking anything. Note that you cannot add or subtract any vertices using my method, so anything beyond re-shaping won't work. I'm not saying it isn't possible, just that I haven't figured out how to do it. What is impossible is creating new animations. Blender can only import .kf from Oblivion and will spout an error if you try and import them from Freedom Force.

The Tools of the trade

NifScripts requires PyFFI to interface with Blender which needs Python to run. Specific version dependencies make it difficult to track down the right installers. That's why I gathered them all here for you.

  1. Python
  2. Blender
  3. PyFFI
  4. NifScripts

Be sure to install them in that order to avoid headaches. I'm assuming you already have NifSkope. Once you're ready. Fire up Blender and get started.

38 steps to greatness

Follow all of my impossibly detailed steps below. It may seem like I'm point out obvious things, but what is obvious to you might not be obvious to everyone. If you can't see the screen shots well enough click here for a full screen view.


If something went wrong: 1)Be sure to try again. 2)Remember that I don't know any more that you do. 3)Go to Freedom Reborn and post your weird broken results.