Retrospectives - Part 13

I said there weren't any skins that would have downloads but I didn't say anything about maps! Yes, it turns out someone packaged my maps up in a huge archive of old FF stuff and I'm eternally grateful. Download all 9 maps in this 7MB zip file. Wow, that's small.


This "Beach" map was built from reskinning cloud effects to look like water and the desert to look like sand. I think reskinning involved hex editing the map mesh to point at other textures. Pretty cool!


I did the same again with a grassy hilly ground and darker water. Not much to say about this other than I called it "Riptide" which I clearly thought was badass.

Crystal Cavern

This "Crystal Cavern" has a bit of a story. My computer I was making these on couldn't run the game at high settings. (or medium for that matter) So, I had no idea what colors I was placing as I dropped all the lights in the map! Didn't know it was this colorful until I people on the forums pointed it out.


I also did a dark version of the cavern. I learned that you could give lights a negative value and make a map much darker than normal. Playing on it isn't great! It's really dark! If your characters don't have glow or reflect effects they can turn pretty much black.

Desert Base

The "Desert Base" map is perfect for a Hulk adventure. There's a small military base along with a wide expanse of dryed out nature.


"High Rise" involves stacking buildings to make them several times higher than normal. I think flying characters could still handle it, but I don't think if you blew up a building it would topple the others. I gotta give this one a shot again.


The "Junkyard" is one of my favorites. Ugly as heck, I repainted the docks to have mud instead of water. Then filled it with cars and trash to throw around. Throwing cars is a lot of fun in FF and not enough maps have piles of cars.


Last one is "Pandemonium" and I do not know what this is. I think it might have just been a conversion of a story map to the danger room. I don't think I would be the right person to do that, but it's credited to me.