Retrospectives - Part 9

This is one of the last version of Ewzzy. By this time the character took a twist as an international man of mystery. I am so glad that I shopped together a cummerbund and bow tie in order to give it that tuxedo feel. This version of me was pretty definitive as far as starting the transition from detective to secret agent. That line leads to our next two.
This black-ops stealth Ewzzy has a real Sam Fisher vibe to him. Freedom Force as a game doesn’t allow for being too stealthy but as a character and skin this one was a big accomplishment to me. I can imagine this Ewzzy leading a team of agents into a villain’s lair and doing what other heroes are afraid of doing.
This is it. You’ve met this version of me before, but not in such fidelity. Between skins, I bulked up a lot and added lots of armor and a big gun. This is probably the most complicated skin I had ever done. Everything but the face and hands were drawn completely from scratch, something I hadn’t ever really tried. This is the Ewzzy that could go toe to toe with a real super villain and come out on top.