Retrospectives - Part 14

I found these while digging through the X-Men Danger Room Mod. I didn't realize or remember my skins had been included. I wasn't even sure they were mine at first. There's almost nothing of my high school era skinning work left, so these 2004 skins are precious to me. I'm so shocked I can say this, but you can actually download the skins here. I could almost cry.

Standard is, adorably, based on the create-a-skater I played as in Tony Hawk's Underground. Hawaii is based on an actual shirt I wore in high school, though I'm sure th back is an embelishment. Marvel and NESC are clearly shirts I wanted to buy online but couldn't afford with my Dairy Queen paycheck. NPI is seemingly named for my frequent affiliation with FF team New Power Inc but it also seems to be a clear Green Lantern reference. This would have been right before GL Rebirth and the end of my extensive GL fandom.

Forgive me, I don't know who made the mesh here. It's listed as "civilian_male_pants". I'd skope a very similar one 5 years later for my post-college return to FF. It's odd looking back how gun based my avatar always was. It's silly, but it started with me playing Big Jule in a production of Guys and Dolls in middle school. Today I'm vocally anti-firearms. I've never fired a weapon beyond a bb gun or a bow and arrow as a cub scout.

It's also strange to look back at these in terms of my skills in photoshop. By 2004 it really looks like I knew almost everything I'd ever know. As it applies to Freedom Force skinning at least. Those skills lead me directly into video production where I'd florish and find much more to learn. As I write this, I've been a pro video producer for ten years. I can't help but be nostalgic seeing something I made 17 years ago.