Frans Rayner

Frans RaynerFrans Rayner once shifted all of his pressure points into his butt. This made him effectively invulnerable... unless you punched him... in the butt.

Chainsaw Ninja

Chainsaw NinjaMongo wields two chainsaws, often as nunchucks. This is impossibly scary. Have you considered the implications of this? Have you. Dr McNinja couldn't even beat this guy. He had to have him called off by Mongo's leader. Nobody beats the Chainsaw Ninja.

Death's Waiter

Death's WaiterWhen you die you go to a restaurant with the worst service ever. You wait for centuries without ordering. The waiter will seat you now.


HortenseDr McNinja's ex-girlfriend Hortense secretly works for King Radical. Don't tell nobody. If Dr McNinja is like Batman (he wishes) then she would be his Catwoman. She operates on the other side of the law, but the emotions are still there. Weird squirmy emotions that ninja's aren't supposed to have.

Paul Bunyan

Paul BunyanThose infected with Paul Bunyan's disease transform into hulking lumberjacks, enraged at the trees still standing in the vicinity.


Ab-ManWe don't know the Ab Man's name but we do know that he manually rearranged the muscles in his back to create a working jetpack. His abs of steel are bulletproof. In his own words, "What has two thumbs and is built like a tool shed? This guy." You see, he's like a tool shed because that's where all the hoes is at.