Dr McNinja

Dr McNinjaQ: Who is Dr. McNinja? A: Dr. McNinja is a doctor who is also a ninja.

Dan McNinja

Dan McNinjaDan McNinja is ashamed of you. It’s true. His son is a Doctor and he still isn’t good enough. Look at those eyes. Look at that mustache. Do you see the condemnation? That mustache has authority. The kind of authority that only a father who is also a ninja can wield. He once set himself on fire, “because they can’t grab me if I’m on fire.” Have you done that? I didn’t think so.

Dark Smoke Puncher

Dark Smoke PuncherSean McNinja chose the name 'Dark Smoke Puncher' as his ninja name. No seriously. He hides the fact that he is a total geek from his dad. His big brother, Dr McNinja, thinks that he is a toolbag. He wants to be a technomage.

Mitzi McNinja

Mitzi McNinjaMitzi will kill you. I'm not saying that she will kill you if she has to either. I'm saying that she will be the one to kill you. It may look like cancer or a rogue meteor bit I assure you that it was really her. She married into the McNinja family and has taken her role as mother to it's extremes. Her expertise are pickled beets and precisely aimed demolitions. Both are deadly.

Gordito Delgado

GorditoGordito is a young boy who's father died in a circus accident. He wields his dead father's guns and grew a mustache from sheer will. He rides his own raptor named Yoshi. That makes him the coolest twelve year old ever.


MartinMartyMartin Birding runs the Monster Mart chain of grocery stores. He grows into a big and purple ogre when he wants to. When he's angry or stressed out he can lose control. When Martin loses control he becomes the unstoppable Marty Monster. When he's transformed he gets dumber. So dumb that he'll sign just about any paper you put in front of him. That's a bad thing for a business man.


Bee-ManWhen we first met Bee-Man we watched him get shot to death. No really it's in his first appearance. He hasn't even been resurrected. It's not part of some mystical origin either. Since then we've seen flashbacks where he gets tied up by Maurice, the pompitous of love, and his gangsters of love. Can his sidekick dog, Buzz, save him?

Ben Franklin II - Thriller

Ben-FranklinBenjamin Franklin II, clone of the original, taught Dr McNinja medicine. Dr McNinja once had a nightmare about a zombie version of his former master dressed as if he was in Thriller. This pack contains DDS and TGA versions of Ben II, Ben II Zombified, Michael Jackson, and MJ Zombified.