Retrospectives - Part 5

Tide is another character with a fairly common power. He could turn parts or the whole of his body into water. The difference between him and other aquatic characters was his size. At the size of the Incredible Hulk he was a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield of Freedom Force. I recall giving him all the area attacks that I could so he would destroy all the buildings around whenever he attacked. I believe there was a power so that fire hydrants in the game would erupt in his presence.
Hal Jordan. Green Lantern. This is one of the few skins I made completely on my own with no base textures for the muscles and face. He was a real challenge and one of the last characters I ever skinned.
Kyle Rayner was always my favorite Green Lantern. When he debuted this costume I re-installed Freedom Force just so I could skin him. Ron Marz’s writing of the character is what got me reading comics on a regular basis. When he left the series so did I.
The very first skin I ever made for Freedom Force was actually of Guy Gardner Warrior. To finish off my career as a skinner I created this skin to see how far I had come. I wish I could find my original, because in three years I had grown in leaps and bounds. Though, I apparently still felt the need to toss some lens flares in for good measure.