Retrospectives - Part 11

I've learned to really sift through the Wayback Machine and download thousands of images from the old Freedom Force Center site. Amongst those I've found a handful of my old creations.

Six Survivors

I scraped 10k jpgs from the Internet Archive and whittled that down to 1266 Freedom Force skins. From that I recognized 6 of my own. There's nothing to say who made them so I'm trusting my own memories. Shocker up there was a vivid memory but I'm no 100% that I made it. Frustrating. I was truly hoping to find my very first skin of Guy Gardner Warrior on the Maxx mesh.
Interestingly, Prime there was one of my first skins and one I remade at least twice later. Bob the Guardian has his own history as well.

Reboot and Rebooted

The Bob skin from FF Center (left) was on the Male_Basic_Effects mesh but someone liked it enough to create a mesh just for it. (middle) When I set up this site 10 years ago it was still available for download and I took the final screenshot of it. The old download is long gone now. I'd love to see it again as one of my first ever skins.