Retrospectives - Part 12

The other site I searched through was New Power Inc. I was a small part of House Quake's expansive FF site. None of the downloads survived but the Wayback Machine did save some images of my work there. Unlike the last page, I have way more metadata about these so I don't have to rely soley on my memories.

Old Friends

First off here are some thumbnails of skins you've already seen. Sorry that thumbnails are all I've got. I wish I had more. This first wave of Ewzzys along with Ember and Eclipse are clearly skins I was very proud of. Lots of carefully placed effects with glow and reflection.

Original Creations

The next section is WAY more interesting. The first two "Crusader" and "Eidolon" I remember making but zero memory of any other. The others seem to have been requests filling in the New Power Inc universe. I have them credited below. As NPI had it's own fiction that meant getting contributing to. The site had a big goal of being for original creations in that world, but obviously covered a lot of ground.

In order: Crusader, Eidolon, Crossbowman, Prayer, Shadow Shifter, Tidal Falcon, Yin and Yang, Dryad, Ruthven, Salamander, Tomorrow

Crossbowman, Prayer, Shadow Shifter, Tidal Falcon, and Yin & Yang are Reepicheep characters. Ruthven, Dryad, and Salamander, are Cavalier characters.


Yup in this second part of my FF skinning era I remade my Prime skin. It would be remade a final time and posted on this very site a few years later. A big different between these and the FF Center era is the appearance of Hexed meshes. For the first time skinners could modify meshes without the expensive 3DSMAX suite and the skills to go with it. At this point it was just toggling and resizing pieces. By the time I created this site NifSkope and then Blender would revolutionize skinning a 3rd and 4th time.

In order: Prime, Prime 2, Electrocute, Nightman, Prototype


I did do some mainstream Marvel/DC/ETC skins but competition was fierce. If a guy like Courtnal6 was doing a skin why would I do my own if I was just going to use his base anyway? I had to have some sort of twist like interesting effects work or a find gaps in the skinning world. Not sure what I was thinking with that weirdo Superman first in that list. Absolutely know about Pidge from Voltron on the Vegeta mesh. I did a whole range of Voltron skins but that image is all that survives.

In order: Superman, Psycho Pirate, Dr Fate, Spectre Hal Jordan, Spectre, Bibbo, Waverider, Effigy, Typhoon, Neutron, Alex Nero, Pidge, Tick 2 Pack

Real People

Finally was a run of real people. I did a bunch of these which feels so strange. I suppose it's finning since the Freedom Force skinning community grew out of a splinter from the Sims. These sort of skins would fit there perfectly. I'm a little embarassed I did a skin of Tony Shalhoub as Monk but there he is. I must have done it. I guess I never got this out of my system since I did a Thriller skin that started as a Ben Franklin skin. Read Dr McNinja to get that reference.

In order: Henry Rollins, The Ramones, The Aquabats, Monk

Missing in Action

That was all of the images from the NPI site, but I did say there was more metadata this time. I have a list of skins that I uploaded. It's just names but here they are.

MAINSTREAM: Elseworlds Alan, Green Lantern (Kyle), Elseworlds's Kyle, Green Lantern (Hal), Green Lantern (Stewart), Warrior, Kilowog, Amonsur, Shiro Nova, Superman, General Glory, Alex Luthor, Sledge, Sinestro, Sonar I, Sonar II

ULTRAVERSE Amber Hunt, Hellblade, Shuriken, Sludge, Strike, AtomBob, Spider-Prime, Solitaire, Ghoul, Spectral, Hardcase, Zip-Zap, Contrary, Mantra, Grenade, LadyKiller

TV&GAMES: Bob, Tommy Vercetti, Scotsman, Hagar, Keith, Sven, Lance, Hunk, Lotor, Heero Yuy, Gene Starwind, Simon Belmont, Val Hallen, Frankenstein, Aria of Sorrows, Infraggible Krunk, White Tiger, Vash the Stampede, Major Glory

ROCKSTAR: Kurt Cobain, Rivers Cuomo, Dave Navarro, James Hetfield, Jack White, Dave Grohl, Art Alexakis, Axel Rose, Chris Cornell, Prince