Retrospectives - Part 4

This is Lucas. I’m glad his lightning powers are covering up his secret shame. He’s based on Lucas Barton from the movie The Wizard and yes that is a Power Glove on his hand. I didn’t have to tell you that. I could have just claimed that was his name and moved on. That looks like any old magic glove in this shot. You can’t tell how I lovingly rendered each detail of the Power Glove. You would never have known!
This was the healer of the group. His name is Patron. He looks sad because I used more lens flares. He is so sorry for me. I really just changed the colors of the default skin for this character model and then fixed up his face. I removed a mustache. Maybe that is why he looks so sad.
This is Shell. He had the power to change his size from normal to small or gargantuan. He’s a fourteen year old super genius. In the large size he was stronger but slower. Obviously. In the small form he was much faster and could scale walls and jump high,  but he wasn’t very strong. The ability to switch out character meshes mid battle came along late into Freedom Forces lifespan with a fantastic mod. Creating characters and making them work within the game mechanics like this was such a fun creative exercise.
Don’t mock me when I tell you that this is named Teppes. Yes, for all intents and purposes I drew Dracula, and gave him a sword. I’m pretty sure new energy draining powers were just added to the game and I created this knock-off just to test them out.