Retrospectives - Part 8

In this edition of my tour down memory lane we’re examining some of my more experimental designs for Ewzzy. I spent a long time trying to figure out my character, these are some of the failures.
This was the golden age version of Ewzzy. The idea being that if I was a legacy hero from the 1940’s this is what I would have looked like. The big problem here was that the character wasn’t that different and my skin barely changed anything from the base. I look very mysterious though. That’s a good thing for a 1940’s psychic detective.
If the last version of me was from the golden age then this would be me from the future with enough pouches that Rob Leifeld had to have drawn me. This was another one where the original skin was so close to what I wanted that not enough changes could be made. Also, the blonde hair looks so stupid on me. I’m just not a blonde.
The problem with this skin was that I didn’t have a solid idea of what I wanted. The Hitman mesh had just been released and it looked like it was perfect for my character, but at the same time, It just didn’t work. I was just trying to recreate my other look for a new mesh and it didn’t hold up well at all.