Retrospectives - Part 6

This was my first version of ‘Ewzzy’ as a character. The green eyes are because I was possessed by an energy being. If this skin seems good at all it’s because I didn’t change much. I had the theme down right as far as "packing heat” and “psychic powers” went, but lord knows I didn’t know what I was doing yet.

This was my second attempt. Most elements are hand drawn. This resulted in a very sloppy look. If “super hobo” was what I was going for then I had it down pat. It is then unfortunate that I was going for “detective noir” and this look just didn’t work. To be fair to my younger self. I had only used Photoshop for a week or two before this skin was made. The good side of this, is that the character in my head was getting nailed down. I dual wielded pistols, hidden in the coat and used a ridiculous agility stat to avoid all attacks to simulate my precognitive powers.

I used this look for a long time. He was the official Ewzzy avatar with a much more stylish look and a well defined idea. Notice the goatee which I sported in real life all through high school. This skin is based on the same character model as the one directly above, but it looks so different. They were created a month apart. My skills in Photoshop were growing very very fast.