A Breakthru

I've been digging through the past and finding bits and pieces of my old FF work but no actual skins. It's been disapointing. Until now that is. Check out the newly uploaded retrospective part 14 in the sidebar to see my actual skinning work from 2004.

Another 2021 Update??

I've dug up a bunch of old screenshots of my highschool era skins on the Internet Archive. That means 4 (four!) new retrospectives to look at. Find them in the sidebar! FF was wildly influential in my early years. I wouldn't have gotten started in Photoshop or website building without it. My career path as a pro video producer traces back to being 15 and finding Freedom Force.

2021 Update

It's been a decade since my last update, but we're fast approaching the 20th anniversary of Freedom Force and there's a lot cooking. I've been making new skins and they're all available in the 2021 section of the sidebar.

Webcomics and more!

Lots of new stuff! Check out the new Webcomics section to find DrMcNinja and some amazing characters from the Action Age. Also: The impossible El Santo in the "Other" section.


There's a new section on the site with six new skins from Image's Invincible Comics. Invincible has been woefully under-supported in FF. Download some new skins and change that. I haven't taken on the main characters yet so if you want Invincible himself along with his dad, Omni-Man, you should get them from Renegade. A great versopm pf Atom-Eve is available from the always excellent Podmark.

Dr McNinja!

Thank you Chris Hastings for linking to me from Dr McNinja. If you're coming here from there, please check out all the awesome stuff I'm involved with by clicking everything on right sidebar. All of it.

I'd like to invite all of you to Freedom Reborn the home of the Freedom Force community as well. You'll find WAY more content there. So if you want to see Dr McNinja and Batman fight in game that's the place to make it happen.


I added a new section last week labeled 'Other Skins and FX' that is chock full of goodness. Also available is a tutorial on using Blender alter meshes. It ain't easy, but it opens up a bunch of new posibilities.

Welcome one and all!

I, Ewzzy, created this site because browsing my Blog for my Freedom Force skins was getting to be a problem as content grew. Use the menu at he right to find what you're looking for.

The skins section contains all of my available downloads. If you'll like to see what my skins used to look like, check out the retrospective of the old days.